Equable Consulting Services

Some examples of what we can do for you and your business to create a high-performance culture

Business Meeting

Introductory Consultation

A fast and focused look at your business to identify productivity enhancements

We work with you and your team over a two-week period to diagnose where your business may be losing demand capacity, producing non-value add outputs (Muri/waste in Lean) or the procedures, behaviours and culture are limiting growth and customer service. Typically, we are able to recommend changes that will result in immediate savings, reduce lead times and enhance output

Equable also offer a two-week project or programme assurance review. Using industry leading methodology, we'll assess your change governance and delivery approach and suggest practical ways to improve the way change is planned and executed

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Strategy and Process Improvement

Improve Productivity & Culture

Convinced things can be done better but don't know where to start? Want to make changes to your operating model or build a more consistent set of delivery processes and ways of working? Let us guide you.

Our experienced (always over 15 years) and highly-trained Consultants (in Lean, Six Sigma, and Management consulting) will work with you and your leadership team to minimise inefficiencies, target problem processes and implement a culture of high performance that can be measured in improved profits and customer feedback

Team Talk

Project & Change Leadership

Ensure Your Change Sticks

Equable know how important delivering change is into a business and how often it goes wrong (3/4 of the time according to numerous studies!).

We'll use our extensive Project and Programme toolkit and experience to build the correct delivery model for your piece of work and then help you embed it and lead you through the change journey. Our end-to-end approach means we can;

- Assess current state and diagnose issues or gaps

- Shape the change programme you need

- Enable the change capability within your business

- Deliver the change

Whether you need support, full implementation or recovery, 

get in touch to talk to us about how we can help you through your change journey